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This was originally meant to be a video, but a rough readthrough was like 15 minutes long, and short of Lazlacking the video in a budget format with a lycra mask covered in chip fragments and spilt energy drink, it would take too long to make and not that exciting. I've included the transcript below, but the tl;dr version is I'm shutting down Jewfort on April 1st. I might decide to continue it if the game picks up popularity, but at this point the odds aren't good.

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Gentlemen and Gentlemen pretending to be ladies, welcome to HIT NET WORKS, aka HGN works, aka Hitlers Jewfort. I'm here to give you a brief history and a run down of what we've got planned for the year ahead! For those who want the TL:DR version press 9 on your keyboard now! But first, a history!


Starting many years ago, during the prime of TF2 and its flurry of magical and special people, one person decided to start an edgy TF2 server, with the hottest map ever, CTF_2FORT. Focusing on loose rules and even looser jokes about your mum, the freshly hatched Jewfort erupted from the warped and damaged mind of Hitler, AKA Electric Retard, AKA Sigvatr. People fought constantly to get onto the server, with nightly queues of regulars waiting to get in to one of those juicy 32 slots, and to sample the edgy memes fresh from the source. It was a thing of beauty, and for a time it was good.

Hitler eventually lost interest in the project however, and was going to let it go when the servers funds expired. Thus entered the second rennaicance and in mid 2014 when an esteemed pumpkin connesuire (bale), a gabby ham (peach), and a technically competant but otherwise inept giant eyeball (yours truely) gathered together to form a trifecta of terror, Peach managing the community, Myself the servers backend and Bale eyeing off an aluring pumpkin squash off in the distance, apple corer in hand. It was still jewfort, but influence from Peach shifted what the server was, making it something akin to the Ozfur she heralded from originally. We had merch, donation perks up the wazoo, and a heavy push for community events to raise interest and player involvement. Control over the community became more strict, we tollerated less, and for many regulars, the abrupt shift in tone heralded the doom of the old age. Drama ensued, men were women, women were men, and cancer grew rife while others were deemed miraciously cured! An active community does a chaotic melting pot make.

The drama continued, and disagreements ran rife through the staff at all levels, primarily focused on the future of the server, and the direction we should take. Player counts were dropping, and the influx of new donations was reducing steadily. This was the first serious decline of TF2, as the initial surge of players in from when TF2 went Free to Play died down and the old regulars were dropping off. Our resident technically female staff member decided to move on, and just before buggering off to germany, handed over the keys to the coffers only for us to find out they were drained dry. Whoops. Turns out we'd been getting milked pretty hard in the back (and not the fun way), and our funding went from having many years worth of funding, to enough to run just over a month.

At that point, we began the third age, in August of 2015. I took over fully, bale in the back but mostly me at the helm. but we only just managed to scrape by financially, getting just enough donations to make it to 6 months funding due to the dedication of the community, and the indignation against Peach.

, and a multitude of changes I wanted to implement went in straight away. We attempted to come back to the server culture of the old age, more relaxed, less controlling, and with more of our special cultured cream of the crop offloaded into systems and plugins, allowing people to get the jewfort experience through our roll the dice dodgyness, sound bytes extrodanaire and weird shit. That weas the technical side at least,

TThe initial surge of players we had after the changes we implemented was dying off, and begun declining further, with the server rarely filling, or even having players at all. Those nights of empty slots, began becoming weeks, and we had reached the point that to continue with limited funding was silly, and to shut down the server. Just as we were ready to pull the trigger, the TF2 team pullled out a golden goose with an update targeted specifically to community servers. Hope on the horizon!

And then along came muselk, by pure happenstance with a video detailing a large TF2 update with a focus on community servers, he picked our little server first in a video breakdown of the gifted nature of community servers in TF2. It was advertising of a kind we would never have been able to buy, steal or kill to get. Popularity exploded as we started having users from all corners of the globe come to see the speactical, and our donations went from having 3-4 months left to go at that point, to have 18 months worth and rising! Thus the next age reached its peak, and for a period, it was the third renaicance, shiny and chrome. And for a time, it was good.

Its been over three years since then, and we've had problems a plenty. Technical issues where we've spent months fighting providers and moving to new infrastructure, community issues where having a group built out of socially inept autists, malcontents and YOLO YEET NEETs began to have its toll. Staff left, players left, and there was less and less users coming in to replace them. The TF2 team appears to have lost interest in the game, and updates are scarce. All during that period we refined the experience, added in functionality, made the system more efficient, more reliable, and in many cases cheaper to operate. Each step and interative improvement over the last which could only have been accomplished by the diligent work of the many staff and community we've had involved in it, but no effort now will be enough to return us to what we once had.

And now its time for the third age to end. The plan is to end jewfort in the coming months, on April 1st. This is my FINAL SOLUTION. Lets look further at the current situation, the problems going forwards and why things have to go this way.


So you're probably wondering why I'm doing this. Unlike the passing of the torch with the last generations where the community was able to be transplanted somewhat, a more absolute measure is required. I need to kill the community as well, as we've had systemic issues that can't be resolved without a large scale cull, which would only fracture the group further.

Steam has been cracking down heavily on our type of server culture, having now deleted our group twice, with the most recent event having them refuse to reactivate a blank group with our user lists (about 900+ before it died) was a serious blow to our visibility online. We never really came back from that, it was one of our main thread for regulars to get involved with us, and without the list, I don't even know who our regulars were. Its not saved anywhere. Even changing the name temporarily on the game server itself to bring new blood in only worked for the first day or two.\

Basically, I've reached the limits of what I can do for Jewfort, and burnt myself out on TF2 several years ago, but I stuck around for you guys, and because none of the other staff were in a position to take over all aspects completely, and after the Neincraft V2 fiasco, without me acting as tie-breaker, this would go to shit internally in a matter of days.

Running this place requires a certain balance of maturity, immaturity, dedication, depravity, technical prowess and practical tardiness to let it all coast smoothly without making it a constant ordeal, or letting it fall through the cracks from unatentiveness. None of our staff, or our community have the right combo of attributes to fit in, and for those of you in the know, we've had problems in the community for a bit now, around personal information of both staff and players alike being leaked, which has always been a very delicate balance of situations to try and manage without fucking things up, and I know I haven't always succeeded but I can also identify that diplomacy and tact is not the strong point of most of us here, and shit can go south very fast without careful management. We've always been a pretty special bunch, but as TF2 degrades in player count, we're diving deeper into the barrel of apples, and we're getting less peeps back every month, and those who stick around are nuttier by the minute.

We were planning on pushing this out later, but with TF2 being a ghost town, and School/Work holidays in the new years being likely the only time we might be able to get people gathered in decent numbers. The other plan was April first, but I'd rather we go out with a bang than a potential whimper. Even a new TF2 update likely won't save uis this time unfortunately. I'd spoken to the staff about this over th epast few months, and got their feedback. THe general feeling is they were compeltely undrestanding, with some warnings there could be retaliation for this. Its a risk we have to take, but keeping it going is a risk in itself.


Theres money involved in this, theres a STACK of private information that only myself and bale have been privvy to really. Handing over the reigns puts your security at risk, and after all the doxing shit, it comes down to that I just don't know who I can trust, staff and community alike, and I can't the personal and financial information of so many of our regulars.

As for the money itself, If i give it to someone in the staff or community, theres no guarentees it'll get used properly, or not just peach'd away. As such I'm splitting up the pool with $666 AUD to go three ways, one to cancer research funding, one to autism funding and another to a hollocaust museum. Its the most ironic thing I think we could do, and probably the most responsible, plus after all the real world testing we've done with cancer, autism and edgy memes, I thought it best we contribute.

A small portion of the rest will be to keep the game server up another few months, ending early April/May, where I'll shift all the sites to a free web hosting box I get through work. That way the old HGN MOTD, mix tape and most importiantly, links to a full server backup with instructions on how to deploy for public use. This'll include copies of the websites like the stats system, admin database (though sanitised so you're startin from scratch). Any final remaining funds will be held onto, and if anyone or multiple people want to run their own jewforts, get in touch and I might be able to chip into any donations you have running. Any remaining will be used towards the therapy I'll need to deal with the many years at the helm of a ship that is not just on fire, but also underwater, and in space.


The plan is on the evening of April 1st, I'm deleting everything, game server, discord, steam group, all gone. Peeps can reach me directly on steam as Cevius, or email me at [email protected] if needed. I was planning on banning people from the group in a mass russian roulette type run, but it was too much work and nobody really cares, and I wanted more warning time ahead of time.

I'll also be removing all ban lists off the game server. Fucking lets go nuts for the last stretch of time. Staff have been instructed to only ban against hackers, and doxxers, but shittalk is to be encouraged. There won't be any chances if you do get banned, I don't have the time to deal with it.

We'll have all the server content, information packs and stuff prepared ahead of time, so anyone who wants to keep it going should pay attention to #FINALSOLUTION in discord, I'll be putting shit and links in there, and replicaitng it out to the hgn.works site as needed.

With all this said, this is 3 months of time, something could change, the dwindling TF2 team could squeeze that golden goose again and we might get something magnificent. Perhaps interest jumps up so much that people are interested, and therefor I'm interested in running it. The odds of this are very, VERY low, but its still a possibility.


Stay tuned, and get involved in Discord and ingame. We'll be aiming to get as many staff on as we can, particularlly on weekends. May even do some events based on turnouts and shit. I guarentee we'll be doing crazy shit, chaos mode, spawning stuff, noclip, admin abuse, the classic stuff. Come and join in! The experience is limited edition now!


List staff and key community people. Whoever the fuck they are.

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